Super long endurance phone Cubot H1 goes on the market. It is accompanied by a 5200 mA high-capacity battery. Cubot H1 adopts quick charge solution, going with 5V/2A fast charger. It is said that a 10-minute charge delivered 2 hours’
There is a 4K UHD TV box with HDMI 2.0 interface discounted lately – T051 4K UHD TV Box, an interesting gadget running Android operating system 5.1. It is powered by a powerful 64-bit RK3368 Cortex A53 Octacore 1.5GHz CPU
On September 22nd, Xiaomi held the new produce released conference and officially launched Mi4c in China. Interestingly, before the conference, the relevant information of Mi4c had been hardly exposed via various means. Mi4c follows on from the Mi4 and Mi
MeeGoPad have unveiled the newest Mini PC device MeeGoPad T04, which comes with remarkable specifications and a distinctive design. Basically, MeegoPad T04 is rather diverse from what we anticipated. Ports are in the back, while the capacitive power button is
Oukitel just released its latest smartphone Oukitel K4000 in the recent past. As strange it might see, K4000 had had been featured in various videos even if there were no details on specific shipping time, selling price or even configuration,
DOOGEE has launched some fancy and eye-catching new products – such as DOOGEE S6000 with a 6000mAh battery and DOOGEE DG7000 Pro equipped with 6000mAh battery and dual 1080P screen. It is reported that another new DOOGEE phone – DOOGEE
GIONEE unveiled a so-called S5.1, “the thinnest smartphone in the Guinness Book of World Records”, which probably remains fresh in one’s memory. Now, GIONEE S5.1 upgraded version – S5.1 Pro blatantly storms the smartphone market, which is more aesthetic compared
A smart phone named Moto X Force had ever been exposed before. However, according to what @upleaks said in the microblog, the phone will be renamed “Moto DROID Turbo 2″ by America carriers and will be also launched by Verizon. Yesterday, @upleaks