Product  review will be focusing on the followings: Product Introduction. General Product info & Specs. Videos: Unpacking, Quick Intro into Android/Windows 8.1 OS. Items in package. Design & Quality. Performance. System. Final Words. Rikomagic MK12 Rikomagic Latest MK36 Windows TV Box is powered
I do not like clones. No matter how good design of the device, it is always secondary and always perceived worse than the original. But the reality is that Chinese companies rarely allocate resources to create a unique exterior models,
If you need a good budget model, it is often necessary to talk about the amount of about $100, but if you need a smartphone even cheaper? Today we show a very interesting budget (LANDVO L500S) to you. The device is
Recently, there are lots of news about the super long battery life smartphones, like the Doogee S600,  also the Gionee M5 with 6020 mAh, etc . However, these will be refreshed by a new device: VKWorld VK6050. It comes with 6050 mAh battery
Product review will be focusing on the followings : Model : VKWorld VK6050 Company Introduction. General info & Specifications. Package Unpacking. Accessories. Build Quality & Design.  System. Basic Functions: GPS. Touch Screen. Heart rate sensor. Camera. Radio. Sound. Battery. Performance &
Products info & Specifications. Company introduction. Package. Unpacking. Items included in package. Design & Quality. System & UI. Performance. Benchmarks & Hardware info. Conclusions.   Product Highlights : ZI UI : Special Customized launcher. CPU: Mstar MSO9180D1R Quad core ARM
When it comes to the highly-competitive mid-range smartphone world, it is quite difficult to distinguish between one device and another in the sea of smartphones that make up this segment. OEMs are now depending on using a key selling point