The first Berlin IFA should go back to 1924. It has a history of 91 years. The new products showed in every session have a marked impact on the electronic products of that time. This year, Nubia goes to the
When it comes to glasses-free 3D technology, we might think of 3D TV and Nintendo 3DS in the first place. In fact, in smartphones, both HTCEVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D have tried it out in conjunction with glasses-free 3D
On September 4, Acer launched their new smart phone—Predator 6 in Berlin IFA. As similar game phones did on the shape, Acer Predator 6 with the shape design “four-corner red speaker”  really catches the eyes. It looks so cool and impressive.  Besides,
The peak time of new phone launch—September comes. Many well-known domestic or foreign manufacturers will unveil their new product this month, including Apple, Huawei, HTC and etc. Recently, the poster about Xiaomi 5 has been exposed. That may indicates that Xiaomi 5 will
HTC had warmed up the new coming smart phone previously. Nowadays, HTC Desire 728 has been unveiled on the official website. HTC still continues to adopt double speakers this time. In terms of configuration, it has a 5.5 inch display screen that