Moto E review-4
A $150 phone is both easy to love and hard to like. On one hand the bar is set low, so low that we’re thrilled when the important bases are nicely covered: a solid quad core CPU, an IPS display
Test Laptops-1
For well over a decade, Laptop has been testing notebooks in our lab to help you decide which ones rise above the rest. During that time, we’ve both adopted synthetic benchmarks and created real-world tests to give shoppers the most
Want to buy the latest flagship phone from Apple, HTC, or Samsung? You’ll have to spend $600 or more. Want the latest flagship from Asus? You can pick one up for $299 or less. But can a phone in that
Landvo S6 Review
It is you personal choice whether you like the clone devices or not. Some say that it is a shame to produce one, while others believe that this is a way to go as there is no point in spending
Cubot X11 Review-2
Cubot is quite well know China smartphone brand, they have successfully produce an Android smartphone that sell like a hot cake last year. This month, Cubot is rolling out another smartphone that will be soon officially available for sale, the
Cubot X12-12
Cubot has recently updated its smartphones very rapidly in order to keep pace with the latest tendency with other brands. Earlier days ago, i introduced Cubot X10 and Cubot X11 review in details, however, i brought this Cubot X12 the